Telstra sends more jobs offshore

    Telstra has notified the CWU that it proposes to transfer yet more jobs offshore.

    Two separate proposals have been flagged, one in Telstra Service Operations (TSO) and the other in Customer Service Delivery (CSD). Together the restructures will lead to 72 jobs being offshored and a further 21 being made redundant, while 43 new onshore roles will be created in CSD.

    In Service Delivery, it is the Assurance Support Groups that are affected. The changes proposed would lead to a reduction of 82 Telstra positions (7 of which are vacant) and the creation of 69 new ones, 26 of which would be based in the Philippines.

    The jobs are largely in the Customer Support and Corporate Support Services streams.

    The Telstra Service Operations changes will affect jobs in Network Infrastructure Operations (NIO) and Service Assurance Operations (SAO). Telstra proposes to outsource these jobs to Infosys.

    In line with its general approach, Telstra says that it is high volume, low severity type work that will be sent offshore from both NIO and SAO, with the more complex work staying here. But jobs affected include those at Job Family Band 2 of both the technical and customer support stream – scarcely low level roles.