Petition - Keep Telco Jobs in Australia
    Stop Offshoring Australian jobs #SOS

    To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled.

    The petition of the undersigned shows Telstra is:

    • Eliminating hundreds of highly sensitive, high-end, highly skilled jobs from its Operations Areas, as well as administration and Call Centre jobs. This is on top of the thousands of jobs they have already offshored;
    • Placing high-end Government commercial and customer data at risk through offshoring of Australian jobs;
    • Selling out Australian jobs by offshoring jobs for cheap labour offshore. 
    Your petitioners ask that the Senate to:
    • Convince Telstra to immediately stop the movement offshore, of these high-end technical and other jobs, and to maintain these jobs in Australia.
    • Ensure Telstra is made aware that the choice between Australian jobs, which provide training and work for our young into the future, and the super profits to be gained by offshoring, that jobs in Australia must come first.


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