Petition to Telstra CEO Mr Andrew Penn Field Techs Undersigned
    Stop Offshoring Australian jobs #SOS

    The following undersigned Customer Field Workers and Technical Field Workers wish to make clear our concerns relating to the move by Telstra to transfer some Global Operations Centre (GOC) technical jobs to an overseas location.

    • The language barriers using telephone communications will be frustrating and unworkable, particularly on complex technical faults.
    • We rely on the advice of the GOC, particularly on new equipment.
      The overseas staff will rely on manuals and often these staff will not even have seen the equipment.
    • Our experience tells us that the overseas staff will not know the test gear we use or how to use that test gear.
    • Many times we have to rely on effective co-ordination at both ends to repair faults and this needs effective communication between parties who fully understand what each person is doing and has done.
    • We have experienced work with overseas centres previously and it is clear that they don't understand fully what we are working on and how we work,
      It is clear from our interface with them, that they don't want to admit those short comings, which makes the interface all the more frustrating.
    • If the process is not working properly, where is the problem escalated to? Our previous experience demonstrates that often "escalation" of a problem is not really escalation and nothing gets fixed.

    We would also point out that there has been little or no consultation with field personnel and we are concerned that our job is about to be made even more difficult, more frustrating and more
    impossible, and that customer service will suffer greatly.

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