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    Optus - outsourcing and off-shoring continues

    Optus says it plans to shed up to 80 jobs from its Customer Division, with over half of the positions to be either outsourced within Australia or offshored.

    The redundancies come from several areas and reflect the ongoing rationalisation of positions that has been occurring in the Customer Division over the last 9 months.

    The jobs being offshored come largely from the Digital and Onboarding area. Virtually all of the current 14 mobile porting positions in this section will be relocated in the Philippines. (One may be kept on-shore for regulatory purposes.) A further 22 sales support jobs from Digital and Onboarding will also be offshored.

    In the Customer Service Assurance area, 13 roles relating to HFC network maintenance will be outsourced to current Optus contractor, BSA.

    The remaining redundancies arise from either centralisation or decommissioning of certain functions. The technical delivery support function in Digital and Onboarding will be centralised in Sydney, leading to 4 potential redundancies in Melbourne. Relocation opportunities, including support with relocation expenses, will be available those affected.

    The remaining job losses arise from the shut-down of Operator Service which Optus says no longer experiences significant traffic volumes. 27 jobs will be lost as a result.